Oil & Fluid Changes

From engine oil to coolant to brake fluid to transmission fluid, quality liquids are essential to your car. These elements play a number of key roles, including preventing the engine from overheating, lubricating the gears so they run smoothly, and letting you stop without hesitation.

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Toyota Knoxville offers the fluid changes you need to keep these liquids up to date and maximize the safety and efficiency of your vehicle.

Why are Oil & Fluid Changes Essential?

Regular oil and fluid changes are essential if you want to:

  • Save Gas- The better you are about oiling your vehicle, the more smoothly it will run. This reduces the amount of gas you use to travel a given distance, thus saving both your funds and the environment.
  • Save Money- Besides saving on gas, fluid changes lower your spending on repairs. Coolant, transmission fluid, and engine oil all prevent your vehicle from becoming damaged or overheated during prolonged use. By replenishing these liquids regularly, you avoid having to spend money on frequent repairs.
  • Save Yourself- Engine coolant and other fluids prevent dangerous mechanical issues from developing. Likewise, brake fluid lets you stop your car on a dime, potentially avoiding serious crashes. These and other fluids are thus essential for keeping you and your family safe on the road, making it critical that you replace them regularly.

For more information on the importance of automotive fluids or to replace the fluids on your vehicle, contact Toyota Knoxville today.

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